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interview with MYA Liam Corcoran

ByMal Lee

Apr 2, 2014

https://soundcloud.com/dxtl/28-03-2014%20MYA%20in%20formal%20partnership Mal” talks to Liam Corcoran from the MYA, with some updated information regarding pitch increases, also the reFspect awareness weekend  support grows with many clubs/teams signing up and throwing their weight behind it,

Mal is ecstatic at the amount of  well wishes getting in touch, this initiative is from a not for profit organisation and an independent campaign, everyone who follows grassroots should be involved,we even have the FAI, getting involved and having the referee’s and officials wearing the t-shirts in the warm ups and wearing arm bands throughout the game,well done to Paul Martyn, great support.Has your team signed up.?