recent cancelations at grassroots football is due to the poor weather,is it fair on the kids to have them to play,in this weather even on Astro Turf.?

Grass Roots football is it good to have children playing in weather such as today.?
Grass Roots football for health reasons, is it wise to have children playing in poor weather such as today.?

Mal” talks about the recent cancellations at junior football as some teams may not have played for five weeks now. But  is it fair to let our kids play in this poor weather as an example this mornings weather was horrendous even if you had a game on all-weather pitches. Do you agree ?

Also on tonight’s show DXTL, are about to launch the fifty cities fund starting here on Merseyside our aim is to attract funders and the Premier League Clubs, to make a donation towards grassroots to help towards the  facilities etc within junior football.what are your thoughts.?

We also talk about the reFspect awareness weekend planned for  29th-30th March, and how you can get your League/Clubs involved.?