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10th Anniversary Match

ByMal Lee

Feb 28, 2013
Children just want to play.
Children just want to play.

‘Mal talks about good touch-line behaviour, yes every league requires top of the range facilities we agree but in the meantime while we wait  we have to make do with what we have and while we have the children a referee, and a ball,then  just let us enjoy junior football because they enjoy playing.  The problems  we still have unfortunately is the minority who still disrespect children’s football and who are out to disrupt it with their lack of Respect, our aim at don;t x the line is to re-educate these people and teach them how they should behave in front of children,but we know that the majority are on our side, Mal, also talks about the 10th Anniversary football match for Don’t X  The Line,will you support our Match.?