kids on strike

Strike action,protest against council increases of more than 300% in pitch fees.Teams meeting at Buckley Hill playing fields Netherton 10am.

‘Mal, praises Liverpool FC, Legend for supporting junior footballers protest as they call for a strike this Sunday in Sefton, they are expecting up to a thousand youth footballers to  on Merseyside, Mal, also gives his and DXTL’s full support and hits out at Councils proposed pitch fee increases by more than 300% , GRR calls for all junior leagues across Merseyside to Simply Back The Strike, will you give your support. ?


how can kids look up to sporting role models who break the law

Role Models our kids who look up to them, then they break the law. What message is that repay our kids.?

“Mal, asks the question, with the stories coming out each day in the news, how can we as parents encourage children to look up to their sporting heroes as so called role models, we agree it doesn’t involve every sporting hero,  But it does involve many  and very high profile names at that. Should we take away the saying,  and what should it be replaced with. ?

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