england youngsters racially abused

Footballs Governing Bodies, should move to ban Serbia, from playing in all International Football Matches.



‘Mal calls for the governing bodies in football to make a stance now and sanction Serbia, do not wait for Months, the proof is out there, at least a five year ban from all International Tournaments should be enforced, they should not drag their legs on this one, make a quick decision, and give a strong message out to all Countries that this kind of behaviour will not be Tolerated. What do you think. ?


The FA, should give the Referee’s more support when it comes to blatant diving.



‘Mal’ asks you the people who matter if the FA,and Premier League, start to take action over players proven to be diving on the football pitch, then why can’t a percentage of their fines be thrown into grass-roots football directly, so we can improve much needed facilities, what do you think. ?

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