DXTL X1 Victorious-against EFC X1

Players facing one of many attacks at EFC, BY Don't X the line X!


“Mal talks about the victory for Don’t X The Line X1 against Everton FC,X1 what a fantastic result from our team of celebs and ex players,after a thrilling 2.2 draw after 90 minutes the game went straight to penalties to save the legs of all the players who were really down on their knees after non stop attacking football from end to end,DXTL, would like to thank everyone who took part , our special guest Paul Martyn from the the (FAI Dublin)and DXTL Partners.the real winners of the day was,Grassroots football and the supporters and Managers who talk part including the many children.Thank You all for a tremendous turn out.

DXTL X1 Vs EFC X1 Saturday 25th May

DXTL,up for the Cup against EFC 25th May
DXTL,up for the Cup against EFC 25th May

“Mal talks about the big game Saturday 25th May,organising an event is not easy as anyone who has tried this will verify it, the person who has the easiest job is the celeb you ask to help by getting involved,they only have to say yes or no,many say yes and when the event approaches then,many of them say they can’t make it as something has come up, the ones who stick by their commitment are so genuine and helpful it is unreal, they are the ones who understand how hard it is to organise such an event and help you every step of the way, Special Thanks to Peter Mcdowall,  Michael Kinsella, teams, managers ,great effort.

DXTL at Salford cup finals and a pleasure to be there


“Mal talks about the second visit to the City of Salford Soccer League finals at the Manchester United training Facilities Ayrshire Road, and what a pleasure it was for myself and the volunteers from DXTL,to be involved in, and witness Respect and Sportsmanship at the highest level,what an excellent achievement this was from a very well organised and very knowledgable Committee well done to all the finalists winners and runners-up,and to the parents who really did show Respect to the officials,and to the coaches who did a tremendous job with the teams, DXTL, look forward to a partnership with the league in the very near future.


Don't cross the line