why not ban smoking at junior football matches


“Mal talks about the 10th Anniversary of Don’t X The Line and being the largest independent Respect Campaign in the UK and how the campaign has improved Respect on junior touchlines. Also should we ban smoking on the touchlines in Junior Football Leagues, Mal also asks you to support this move by not smoking on the awareness weekend 16th-17th March. Will you support this. ?

unbelievable weather and yes games off again

The reason behind all games off this weekend.
The reason behind all games called off this weekend.

“Mal, talks about the unbelievable weather that hit the region yesterday evening, it must have caught out many Councils as the roads were treacherous for drivers, and again the weather caused havoc with the junior leagues with fixtures yet again called off, How will the Committee’s deal with their fixture pile up. Any idea’s. ?

a hazardous ball boy, and a tale of two cities.

Make a stance against racism don't let it back into grass-roots
Junior Football. Great To Watch


Looking back on last nights game and the ball boy incident, “Mal would be quite happy to see the end of ball boys if time wasting is recommended to them when their team is winning and they need to run down the clock. Take nothing away from Swansea they deserved to be in the Final, and now it is a tale of two City’s who are you rooting for. ?

Don't cross the line