tribute to the 96

Council backs down over pitch fee increases due to Junior Power. and day of protest.


“Mal asks all of you out there to buy one extra Christmas Present this year, “Tribute To The 96, please get it to number 1. ‘Mal also congratulates all involved in the day of action that saw Sefton Council, back down from their proposed increase of pitch fees, seeing a message for the future, Junior Power will they continue the fight next year.?

grassroots updates


‘Mal talks in general about junior football especially the behaviour on the touchlines,also the games being called off yet again at the weekend gone, with many leagues now finished for the Christmas break,does your team have a backlog of fixtures.?

bring on the dxtl awareness weekend

Fair Play DXTL Awareness Weekend, get involved 16th/17th March 2013


‘Mal asks all the Junior Football Leagues across the Country to get involved and support him with the DXTL, Referee Awareness weekend on the 16th 17th March 2013, on tonights show Mal explains how you can get your Club/Team, Parents, Committee’s and Referee’s involved and to show your support,and how you can purchase a T Shirt. ?

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