support dxtl grassroots awareness weekend

“Mal calls for all Clubs/TeamsCommittee’s Referee’s Managers, Parents,and Kids, to join the Premier League Referee’s in supporting our Real Respect and Fair Play Weekend on the 16th/17th March this year, Swap Pennants, Medals make it a friendship weekend to beat all at Junior Football, Support Don’t X The Line and Real Respect.

Support our Referee’s for our DXTL, Real Respect Weekend March 16th/17th

fair play at grassroots


“Mal talks about these hand ball incidents in the box creating goals either way , “Mal reflects on a few of the comments made by ex players and managers, but how should we handle  a situation like this !!! my honest opinion the Suarez, goal should have been disallowed simply because it was a handball situation i do not think for a moment it was done deliberately but it was given and we can’t reverse the situation,  as in many cases we witness it was not just a Suarez, hand ball that should be highlighted, how many offside goals are awarded. ?

message of sympathy for coleen and wayne rooney


“Mal interviews two of his grandchildren aged 3 and 6 , Ethan, and Luke, about who they support, also how Mal turned up to the local Junior Ground only to discover that he was the only one in attendance. And  passes a message of sympathy on behalf grass roots to Coleen and Wayne Rooney regarding the sad death of Rosie, Coleen’s younger sister from a rare genetic disorder Rett Syndrome. RIP Rosie.

Don't cross the line