update on DXTL Fifty Cities Fund


“Mal” replays a must listen to interview with members of  a D S   Team, and gives the many supporters of the DXTL Fifty Cities Fund, an update as to where we are with it. We would like to hear from you if your league has updated facilities. And Mal” also talks about his day with rehabilitation and his Physio training,have you been to Physiotherapy recently.?

are you referee’s enjoying the season so far, without any problems.

Referee's has the game improved regarding touchline behaviour so far.?
Referee’s has the game improved regarding poor touchline behaviour so far.?


“Mal” asks the referee’s out there on how the season 2013/2014 has gone so far,has  touchline behaviour improved, does the barrier act as  a deterrent especially improving pitch encroachment, or in your opinion has it not improved at junior level at all, if not would you like to see any changes introduced to help improve it and what would you like to see added to grassroots football.your suggestions please.?


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