A Song For Europe. When I Set Off On the 26th May, I’m Gunna Be With LFC,In Kiev City.

When I Set Off,  On The 26th of May I’M Gunna Be With LFC, In Kiev City.

Euro Glory  Our Red Story, And We Will Continue It And Bring Back Number 6,  Continue It And Bring Back Number 6.

Then I Would Walk 500 Miles And I Would Walk 500 More, Just To Be A Red Fan With The Thousands More, And Join The Red Roar When Liverpool Score.

A Pass From   BOBBY,  to  SADEO MANE,  Then We See  MOHAMED SALAH   Score The GOAL !!!

A Pass From   BOBBY,   to  SADEO MANE,  Then We See MOHAMED SALAH  Score The GOAL !!!








Mal Lee With A Song For Europe, Bring Home Number 6 You Mighty Reds 500 Miles From The Proclaimers

Well if the Irish Lad can get a hit with his song then the Scouse lad is having a go also, the song to the proclaimers 500 miles and probably many of our fans are probably doing this to Kyiv, so a massive good luck to you all, sing along to this while you make your journey and contemplate number 6 its coming home.

Bring Number 6 Home I Hope This Song Adds To The Celebrations LFC.

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