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REFspect On And Off The Field Of Play This Weekend No Referee No Game

The Money Shop
If You Are Going Away Over The Christmas Use Your Club Photo ID Card To Getter A Better Rate From The Money Shop.

DXTL, “Ask all teams to carry on with REFspect on and off the field this weekend.No Referee No Game,” Also “We ask coaches and committees to sign up for a safeguarding card which will also benefit you with discounts from businesses including better rates from the Money Shop”.

Can Your League Beat 12 Days Of Presentations And 3.000 Trophies To Hand Out Amazing By The SDJSL ?


Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League Who Are Planning A Massive 12 Days Of Presentations And 3.000 Trophies o Hand Out Amazing Work From The Committee And Volunteers There.Good Luck To All.

With the grassroots football season 2017/18 gradually coming to an end, we ask you as a committee can your league beat or match  the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League, they have 12 days of presentations and 3.000 trophies to hand out hats off to the committee there amazing work.

That Time Of Year Now, Junior Leagues And Clubs Ordering Their Trophies For The End Of Season Presentations

Yes Its That Time Of Year That Leagues And Teams, Start Ordering Trophies Preparing For The End Of Season.

Well we are talking to managers & committee members who are very busy not just organising games for the children but trophies to for the end of season good luck to you all,especially the SDJSL, who have 3,000 trophies to order.WoW!!! amazing league.