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How Are Your Games Going, And Is The Touchline Support In Your Leagues Any Different At The Moment??

Touchline Behaviour In Your Junior League.Has It Been Positive Or Negative?

Don’t X The Line,  Counting down the days already for this coming weekend of grassroots football. But have you noticed any changes within your leagues regarding  touchline behaviour, Has improved for the better,no different still bad,or got worse.We at DXTL, would love your feedback on this #REFspect.

Good Memories In Grassroot Football How You Look Back On Them When Someone Triggers A Loss.

Has Your League Survived The Poor Weather For Sunday Games.DXTL Would Love To Hear From You.

Don’t X The line,  Out and about yesterday had a great day with family, friends and the grassroots community.

Memories in grassroots football save them, treasure them, and look back on them as life is to short, it is in your hands to make the  memories good ones . As we all know time flies enjoy these special moments together especially the friends you make it is nice to be remembered for the good times and it just shows you that children remember.