How it Works

A Guide to How The Campaign Works

1. All leagues nominate a support group, who will help to police the campaign. Within the support group there will be a spokesperson and at least one assistant.

2. It will be the duty of the referee, without prejudice, to mark the match card of each team with a score to reflect their attitude towards the referee, children and parents throughout the game (maximum 10 points). Points will be awarded at the end of the game (end of penalties in cup games). Bonus points can be awarded for good conduct and sportsmanship (maximum 5 points). Points will be taken off for any encroachment onto the pitch, swearing and arguments towards the referee and fellow supporters. Any racist remark whatsoever will not be tolerated. High points accumulated by your parents for good behaviour on the touchlines could reward your team at the end of the season.

3. The Don’t X The Line support group will be invited to file a monthly report on how the campaign is progressing in their league and discuss this with the league committee.

4. At the end of the season, the support group will tally all team points awarded by the referee. If there is a tie at the end of the season then the League Committee is to appoint the winner. Their decision will be final. One team per league will be awarded the Don’t X The Line Sportsmanship Award.

5. No parent or supporter shall at any time before, during or after the game approach the referee. If a parent or supporter feels that they would like to comment in any decision the referee has made they should approach their team manager who will issue them with a Parent Opinion Card. The parent or supporter (18 years and over) should then fill this card in and hand it to a support group member who will process it accordingly.

6. At no time during the game shall supporters stand behind the goals and where it is possible each team’s supporters should occupy one side of the pitch only.

What Happens Next?

Should you wish to become inovolved with the Don’t X The Line Campaign, you will need to register either yourself, your team or your league.

Please email: to request an application form.

Thank you for your time.

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